Changing computer’s name on macOS

Working on iMac

Last weekend, I had to reinstall my Mac. By design, when you are setting up on first boot the default settings on macOS, once you signed in to your Apple account, the following computer name will be set:

Your lastname’s Macbook Pro

I completely hate this behaviour, but fortunately, you can change this. I thought. The problem was in my case, that using the System Preferences – Sharing windows to change the name – because of unknown reasons, the Computer Name field was greyed out.

macOS hostname beállítások ablak

After doing some research with Google, I found the following solution that worked:

  1. Open up a terminal / command line and issue the following command (case matters).
  2. Provide your account password and voila! You are done.
sudo scutil --set ComputerName <NEW NAME>

It takes some minutes to synchronise the changes on iCloud and on your other devices.

Apple devices stored on iCloud
After iCloud refreshed my devices, the MacBook Pro displays its new name.

Cover photo created by:

unsplash-logoLee Campbell